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If You Don't Feel Like Reading a Bunch of Freaking Rules

All you really need to know is that everything is as fair as humanly possible.  And the first and only objective of the JCFFL is to have fun.
We will change the rules if someone comes up with a better idea.  If you have any questions/suggestions regarding rules, send an e-mail to the

How to Sign Up

Fees for the 2017 season: $0 for prize fund.
 Some years we charge money and give out prizes, other years we are a free league.  When we do give out prizes, money will go to the
Super Bowl winner, with a small amount going toward the purchase of bathroom supplies, which are mailed to the Toilet Bowl loser.

Anyone who is interested may join at any time, even during the season. To join in mid-season, send an email including team name, team city, and a short bio for your team page to The Commish. Once you reply to a test e-mail, you will be issued a free agent page username and password so you can choose players.

When you join the league, you will become a member of the JCFFL Yahoo Group.  The group has polls, a calendar for league events, and a chat room.  The main benefit of joining the Yahoo Group is that it allows you to send and receive all e-mails sent to jcffl@yahoogroups.com.  The amount of mail you will receive during the season is about five e-mails per week. Offseason emails are more rare. You do have to be a member of the email group in order to be in the league.

side bet

In years where there is no entry fee, owners can still slap down a bet on the season. The team with the best finish among those betting gets the pot.


Each year in December we pick all the college bowl games.
Win the College Bowl Pool to get a bonus first round draft pick next season.  All the bonus picks (
Weekly Picks winner, Toilet Bowl winner, College Bowl pool winner ) are granted at the end of round 1.  See the draft scenarios for a fuller explanation.

Starting Lineup

No starting lineups! Your roster will consist of 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 2 Ks and 2 defenses.  The guy/team at each position on your roster who has the worst day automatically is the bench warmer. 

Free Agents

Each team owner is given a username and password which grants access to the Free Agents page.  You can pick up/drop players at any time.  You can even pick up an injured/bye week player (he will just be put on the shelf that week - you may want to also fill out a Shelf Preferences form if you go this route).  Roster moves can be made at any time.  I don't do league stuff on Saturdays, so there are no last-minute roster moves. Everyone's team roster is finalized at some point on Friday.

Once a team's season ends, its roster is frozen.  Please don't make any roster moves if your team is out of it.  If you do, it will just be changed back.  Your final-game roster/shelf/IR players are the ones you can choose from when picking next year's franchise players. 

Dumping players is not allowed. If any owner makes an exchange on the Free Agents page which is clearly designed to make his team worse (such as exchanging Peyton Manning for Ryan Leaf), that will be considered dumping. If this happens, the team's pre-dump roster will be restored and the owner will be temporarily locked out of the Free Agents page. The owner will be asked to submit an e-mail explaining why the move was made. If the owner doesn't respond to the e-mail his team will be kicked out.

New Meat

When new names are added, there will always be an email notification of the new meat.  There is no need to check the New Meat page for new names.
If the new meat players are not claimed by that weekend, they are added to the free agent pool. To stake your claim on  New Meat, just fill out the form. The player dropped must play the same position as the one picked up. 
If multiple teams claim the same player, the worst team has first crack at the choicest meat. In cases where a team is kicked out and all its players go on New Meat, it becomes a mini-draft, with a snake.
To request a player who is not available,
send an e-mail to the Commish and the player will be added to the New Meat page

the Shelf

A player on the shelf is still your property, just not active that week.  Use the Shelf Preferences Form to specify a replacement player for someone who is injured or on a bye week.  It is not a requirement to fill out the Shelf Preferences form.  The Commish will automatically put a worthy replacement player/team in place of a shelved one if you do nothing.

If a guy misses an entire game due to injury - does not even step out onto the field - then one of the best players available will be automatically subbed in for him. That way you don't have to worry about some coach playing mind games with the injury list.
You can fill out the Shelf Preferences form if you have a strong preference. Otherwise Commish will assign someone.
Points to remember:
1) That doesn't cover QBs who are benched because they suck.
2) When a shelf form is put in for a guy who plays, that form will be ignored. Now we don't have to care what the NFL injury report says ever again. Free at last!!
3) Just like New Meat, if several teams have filled out a Shelf Preference for the same player, the player becomes a shelf replacement for the worst team.

By their very nature, shelf replacement players are transient scrubs, here one week and gone the next.  A shelf replacement player can earn points for you for a game, but is still available for anyone else to pick up using the Free Agent page.   Each owner has a unique Free Agent page username & password to add players to his team.

The exception to the above paragraph is if a player goes down an extended period of time.  If it is likely a player will be out for over two weeks, the replacement is basically treated as part of the regular roster until the starter returns.  The owner of a long-term replacement doesn't need to use the Shelf Form to swap him out with another player; make the move yourself on the Free Agents page.


A player who is out for the rest of the season due to injury or suspension is placed on Injured Reserve. The player is considered his fantasy team's property for the rest of the year.  He continues to earn Bonus Points when applicable and can be tagged as a Franchise Player next season.


Trading is allowed, so wheel and deal.  We don't see many trades in this league because of the way it is set up -  you'd almost have to trade for players playing the same position.  But if you do want to make a trade all you have to do is agree on the players involved and both submit an email to casaletto@yahoo.com.  Each team owner's e-mail address is located in the yahoo group members page.  And don't forget, you can e-mail the whole league at jcffl@yahoogroups.com.

Excel File

Each Sunday night, an Excel workbook with the week's scoring will be e-mailed out to all league members. This quick feedback method will let you know what needs to happen on Monday night to get a win.  For those who don't have MS Office 2007 or later, the free Open Office suite will work. Also, we have the spreadsheet online - use the spreadsheet link atop the main jcffl.com page .

The weekly Excel file is a macro-enabled workbook.  Yes indeed, it is supposed to have macros. That is not a virus. So don't disable your macros.  If you disable them, the calculations won't all work.

To set options to allow macros in Excel 2010:
File -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Macro Settings -> Enable all macros (not recommended; potentially dangerous code can run)

True fantasy football heroes don't care about that recommendation, because we are the danger.  Be a rebel of the spreadsheet!  Enable all macros. Doooo it!  YES YOU CAN enable macros.
, you can disable all macros with notification, then enable the macros every single time you open the spreadsheet (with shame).

Game Play

Have you noticed that in every other fantasy football league that ever existed, an unlucky team seems to get scheduled against the hot team every week? Not here. The only time two teams ever play head-to-head in our league is during the playoffs.

 Each week, the top-scoring half of all teams will receive a win and the low-scoring half of all teams will get a loss.  If there are an odd number of teams, the middle team will get a win if its score is above the average score for that week or a loss if it is below  The standings page of the spreadsheet is sorted first according to total wins, then total points.

Fake game recaps will be written up as time allows.

Scoring Breakdown

Believe it or not, our scoring system has hardly changed since the first JCFFL game back in 1998.

RB and WR 

Touchdown (running it in or receiving) = 4 points
Each 20 yards gained (combined rushing and receiving) = 1 point
Passing = 0.08 pts each yard passing, 4 pts for throwing a TD, minus 2 pts throwing INT

Example: 90 yards gained rushing, 9 yards gained receiving, 1 TD scored = 8.95 points

In this league, a TE is a WR.


For passing yards, the benchmark is 200 yards. The QB gets 2 points for each 25 yards over 200 or minus 2 for each 25 yards under 200
Touchdown (passing)= 4 points
Touchdown (running it in or receiving) = 4 points
Interception = minus 2 points
Each 20 yards gained running or receiving = 1 point

Example: 242 yards passing, 28 yards rushing, 1 TD, 2 INT = 4.76 points


However many points he scores, that's what you get. Instead of an individual player, you get whoever does the kicking for that team. If a team uses more than one kicker you get points for them all.

Example: 3 field goals, 2 extra points, 2 missed FGs = 11 points


The benchmark for defense is 20 points. Your defense is an entire NFL team's defense. The defense scores 0.75 point for each point under 20 it allows the opposing team or minus 0.75 point for each point over 20 it allows.
A defense having a bye week will be put on the shelf.

Example: Defense gives up 7 points = 9.75 fantasy points
Example: Defense gives up 32 points = minus 9 fantasy points

Bonus Points

Players can earn bonus points for off-the-field actions which draw attention to themselves.  It doesn't matter if the player is found guilty or not.  Merely being accused of a crime is the same as actually doing it.

When you are choosing a bye week replacement defense, keep in mind its bonus point potential.  Defense is a catch-all position for bonus points.  Owning a team's defense allows you to collect bonus points scored not only by that team's defensive players, but also their coaches, cheerleaders, front office, family members, and any of that team's players not on somebody else's JCFFL roster. 
If the D earning Bonus Points is not owned, the points fall to that team's K.  If D and K are both unowned, BPs are not awarded. Punter BPs count as K (D is the fallback on that one if K is unowned). 

We don't award "good deed" bonus points, except in extreme situations (bravery, heroism, saving a life).  In other words, doing the "United Way" sort of charity events will not cut it (unless they skip out on their commitment).

To qualify for Bonus Points, the player must be on your roster the week before the incident happens. Shelf replacement players and those on bye week can earn you BPs.  If a player is due BPs, but by the next week's game he is injured, on bye week or has been cut, the BPs will go to his replacement.  Once a player is cut by his NFL team, he stops earning bonus points.   Retired/released players cannot earn BPs.

A typical type of BP incident will get you 5 points.  There will be many unpredictable incidents throughout the season that may be worthy of more or less points, and the final decision is up to the Commish.  Extra points are granted for creativity.  Points are deducted for mitigating circumstances such as sincere apologies and successful cover-ups.

In some circumstances, incidents can receive less BPs than normal for various reasons.  Example: Terrell Owens ripping on his head coach Steve Mariucci while praising his position coach at the same time. 

Example earning "NFL Fine" Bonus Points (positive):

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.  - The Minnesota Vikings, who have been criticized for failing to control wide receiver Randy Moss, fined him $15,000 for verbally abusing a group of corporate sponsors on a team bus.

Example earning "Bad Behavior" Bonus Points (positive):

BEREA, Ohio -- His image tattered, his reputation under attack, Browns running back Peyton Hillis tried to stiff arm past another mess in a season spiraling out of control.
Hillis apologized Wednesday for missing a Halloween party for kids that he was supposed to attend, blaming his unexcused absence on a miscommunication. Hillis failed to show up at the Boys & Girls Club on Monday to hand out candy to 50 children.

Example of "Creativity" BP (extra bonus):

MIAMI  - The attorney for Green Bay Packers fullback Najeh Davenport said Tuesday that the rookie is “humiliated” by his arrest on charges that he broke into a university dormitory and defecated into a laundry basket in a woman’s closet.

Example of "Dumbass" BP (negative):

The news of Steve Jobs’ death Wednesday caught Michael Oher off guard, as it did so many others who didn’t realize the iconic Apple founder’s health had degenerated to such a perilous point. Only in Oher’s case, he was really out of the loop.
“Can somebody help me out?” the Baltimore Ravens’ third-year right tackle asked on his Twitter account. “Who was Steve Jobs!”
Naturally, Oher sent that tweet from his iPhone.

Example of "Bad Boy Goes Good" BP (negative):

TEMPE, Ariz.  - David Boston seems a changed man this year, in attitude and work ethic. 
"It's obvious when you see his effort every play," quarterback Jake Plummer said. "It goes to the smallest things, being on time, getting everything done right. He's really grown up." 

Example of "Cover-Up" BP (reduced):

NEW ORLEANS  - The New Orleans Saints have given up on wide receiver Albert Connell.  "He will not be on the field again this year," Saints coach Jim Haslett said Thursday. 
"Obviously, Albert has some issues he is dealing with," said Saints general manager Randy Mueller. "And we probably have some issues with Albert."  Mueller refused to elaborate on the issues, calling them personal or internal team matters.

Example "Misuse of the Word Humbled" BP (negative):

Peter King asked Russell Wilson about his undefeated record against top QBs.
“That’s a team record,” Wilson said. “When we play against the best, like we did today, it’s a humbling experience."

Example "Drama Queen" BP (negative):

The Pittsburgh Steelers excused James Harrison from practice Wednesday as the Pro Bowl linebacker contemplated retirement, according to his agent.
Harrison's agent Bill Parise said Wednesday his client is "very serious" about retiring after getting fined $75,000 for a hit that knocked Mohamed Massaquoi out of the Steelers' win over the Cleveland Browns.


***** Quick Bonus Point Guide *****

Below is a listing of common BP events and the number of points they would earn.  There is a maximum limit of 25 bonus points per week per player. Defenses count as one player.

If somebody says he will pay another's fine, he steals the Bonus Points.
1 point per $5000 for fines under $25000 (no fractions)
5 points for fines from $25000 - $50000
7.5 points for fines from $50001 - $75000
10 points for fines of $75001 +
BP amounts for the following fine categories will be determined by Commish's decision:
    Fines on teams and coaches
    Fines given by courts
    NFL fines related to the player's salary

Other events:
0 points
for killing somebody
5 points for DUI arrest

    + 2.5 points for refusing the breathalyzer test
- 2.5 points for taking the breathalyzer test
5 points for getting busted or suspended for drugs
     + 5 pts if player admits he used them for fun / performance enhancement / on purpose

5 points for being accused of crime/abuse/just about anything
5 points for skipping a court appearance, charity event, practice, drug test, etc.
5 points for missing a flight
5 points for getting injured in a ridiculous way
5 points if a team is fined for violating the salary cap (or other league rules)
+ points for ripping on the hometown fans.  Points vary depending on severity of the rip.
5 points if a player rips on his own teammates 
    Points may vary depending on severity of the rip.
5 points
if the main subject of an article is about a player not talking to the media
- points for being a dumbass
- points for being a drama queen
15 points if a player comes out of the closet and actually admits he is gay
20 points for taking bribes

My two main sources of bonus point news are the Yahoo NFL News  and Deadspin.
A news recap of all BP incidents is included in the Sunday weekly e-mail. If you know of a point-worthy item that didn't show up on the BP rundown, please submit the URL of a web page describing it to
the Commish before Wednesday. On Weds, we turn the page to next week - looking forward and not backward, just like Obama's attitude toward various Bush administration crimes.
There is a column on the spreadsheet that keeps track of the total number of Bonus Points you've earned throughout the year.  The column does not include BPs earned by Weekly Picks.  The team with the highest season total in this column wins the Psycho Award.
Bonus points earned by winning any week's
Weekly Picks contest aren't counted towards the Psycho Award.  There is a separate award for Weekly Picks called the Slim Pickens Award.



When a player guarantees a win against an upcoming opponent, the player earns BPs according to the following table:

Underdog: Positive number of BP equal to the point spread if they win; negative if they lose.
Favorite:    0 BP (win), - BP equal to point spread (loss)

Misuse of the Word Humbled

There's a -5 point hit to players who use HUMBLING to mean the exact opposite of what it means.  The Free Dictionary shows the definition of "humbled" as:

hum·bled, hum·bling, hum·bles
1. To curtail or destroy the pride of; humiliate.
2. To cause to be meek or modest in spirit.
3. To give a lower condition or station to; abase. See Synonyms at degrade.


"Kill the QB" Bonus Point Rule

Earn points if your defense knocks the opposing QB out of the game, never to return.

The defense gets positive bonus pts if they knock out a QB and win the game.  Zero BPs are awarded if the D knocks out a QB and loses the game. 

1st quarter  10 pts
2nd quarter  7.5 pts
3rd quarter  5 pts
4th quarter  2.5 pts


"Kill the IRON MAN" Bonus Point Rule

2017 Iron Man QBs.  Eli Manning / Philip Rivers / Joe Flacco

Any D that can cause an iron man to miss a game earns an extra 10 BPs (in addition to normal Kill the QB points).

"Kill the Franchise" Bonus Point Rule

Your D earns BP equal to the number of games left in the NFL season if they knock out a non-QB JCFFL franchise player for the remainder of the season.

Weekly Picks

Throughout the season you can earn Bonus Points through the Weekly Picks form. Fill out the form to pick the winners of ten college and pro games each week.  Each correct pick is worth one weekly pick point. Designate the pick you are most certain of as "Lock and Load". Getting your LL right counts as three weekly pick points. 
Points from weekly picks are added directly to the spreadsheet.  The fantasy league player with the most correct picks each week gets 5 extra bonus points. 10 of 10 correct picks is worth 10 bonus points. This has never happened!  
The ultimate goal of all prognosticators is to have the most weekly pick points at the end of the season.   This wins you the Slim Pickens Award and grants a bonus 1st round draft pick next season.  
There is no e-mail notification when a new pick form is up, so just check the web site.   A new Weekly Picks form should be posted by Tuesday night each week.  Use F5 to refresh the page if it's Tuesday night or later and you don't see the new picksheet.
There will never be any game played earlier than Saturday on the picksheet. 


Either the top four or six teams will make the Super Bowl playoffs, depending on league size. 
If it is a year where four teams make it, Week 15 will have default matchups of #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3. The
winners meet in Week 16 at the Super Bowl.
If it is a year where six teams make it, Week 14 will have default matchups of #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5. In Week 15 the winner of #3/#6 meets #2, and the winner of #4/#5 meets #1.  Week 15 winners meet in Week 16 at the Super Bowl.

Note that the default team matchups can be overridden.  I looked at the NFL playoffs and thought, wouldn't it be more fun if the best team got to hand-pick their opponent too?  It would be a real slap in the face to the team that was picked to be the patsy .. and doubly humiliating if their hand-picked patsy opponent beat them.  So that is the way we do it in the JCFFL playoffs.  Each round, the top team playing in the SB playoffs gets its own choice of opponent.
Example: Six teams are in the SB playoffs.  The top two teams get byes in the first round.  So in round one, the top team that is playing (#3) gets to pick their opponent out of seeds 4-5-6.  The other round 1 matchup would be the other two leftover teams.  Then in round 2 of the playoffs, the top team (#1 overall) would get to pick its opponent from everybody still alive, while the other matchups would go according to seeds.

Week 17 (the last week of the NFL season) will always be skipped.  Every fantasy football league should skip week 17!  The top NFL teams have locked up playoff berths by then and play their scrubs. Scrubs don't play in the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl

The league champion gets to keep the Super Bowl Trophy for one year.  The previous season's champion must ship the trophy to the new champion.
With the JCFFL's fame growing each year, the Super Bowl Trophy has become almost as prestigious as the award it resembles, the Heisman Trophy.  See the picture above - someday it could be yours.
The trophy has a metal (not cheap plastic) football player on top of a wooden base doing a Heisman-like pose.  The faceplate is engraved with "JCFFL CHAMPION".
In seasons with a league entry fee, the Super Bowl winner is also sent a check.  The amount is the total of everyone's league fee minus the cost of the Toilet Bowl loser's prize.

Toilet Bowl

The Toilet Bowl playoffs begin in Week 14, with the four most pathetic teams in the league playing a pair of games.  They are seeded, just like the championship, except the losers advance.  The two worst teams compete in the Toilet Bowl, which is held in Week 15 (playoff week 2).
The Toilet Bowl winner gets a bonus draft pick at the end of the first round in next year's draft.  See
draft scenarios for a fuller explanation.  In seasons with a league entry fee, the Toilet Bowl loser receives a box full of bathroom supplies.

Team Logo

Your team must have a home in addition to a nickname.  Once a franchise's team name is created it can't be changed during the season except through the Al Bundy Award or General Patten Award.  If you have a picture you'd like to use as a team logo please send it as an e-mail attachment. 

Celebrity Coach

Your team's celebrity coach is there solely for entertainment purposes. Although you make all team decisions, the celebrity coach gets all the credit / blame in league news stories. The celebrity coach must be a real person who is alive. If you don't choose a celebrity coach, one will be assigned.  You can hire and fire different coaches as much as you want.

Getting the Boot

If you do not plan to make weekly picks or roster moves for several weeks in a row, you need to send an e-mail stating that you are refusing to participate on religious grounds or whatever excuse you have, or else your team will get the boot.  A team will be declared dead and disbanded if three straight weeks go by and the team owner does not submit any Weekly Picks forms, make any roster moves, or make any e-mail communications with the league.
You may also get the boot for not paying the league entrance fee (in years where there is a fee).

If you don't have time for the league, please let me know as soon as possible so other teams don't have to wait three weeks for your players to become available.  No offense taken, refund will be given if applicable, and you will be welcome back next season.  If you are going on vacation for a few weeks, please notify me so your team will not be disbanded. You may delegate the Commish or someone else to manage the team in your absence if you want.  If you delegate the Commish, I swear I won't do something stupid like drop Brett Favre for Kyle Boller.

If you want a league where you are not required to do anything, join the JCFFL Deadpool.   DPool is a fun league that doesn't require anything besides joining up, so check it out.  It's not gory or anything, and as they used to say on the Fat Albert show, if you're not careful you may just learn something.

Franchise Player

Returning teams can elect to carry over one player from last season's  final-game roster.  Ks, Ds and players on the shelf are also eligible to become franchise players.
Any team that keeps a franchise player forfeits their regular first-round draft pick.  They don't have to forfeit a sacred bonus first round pick that was won via the Slim Pickens Award, College Bowl Pool or Toilet Bowl winner.  Winning these awards grants the team a special "untouchable" first round pick at the end of round 1.

The Draft

Our drafts are conducted live on the draft page in combination with a conference call.  Rank your players if you will be unable to attend the live draft, or accept the default rankings.  Email updates will be sent out regarding the draft date, draft page password, and the conference call phone number.

Any new expansion teams get to draft first. Then the rest of the order is set by reverse order of last year's final standings (not playoff results). At the end of the 1st round there are bonus picks for the previous year's Slim Pickens winner (weekly picks), Toilet Bowl winner, and College Bowl Pool winner.

If a team has kept franchise players it forfeits draft picks until all teams in the draft have caught up to the same number of players they have. Only exceptions to this are the bonus first round picks for weekly picks, TB winner, and college bowls. The bonus draft picks are sacred and cannot be taken away.

Round 1 and 2 go in order from top to bottom.  Starting with round 3, the draft is "snaked", i.e. the draft order reverses each pass through.


A) You are an expansion team
You will get the top draft position.  If there are more than one expansion teams, a dice roll determines the order between them.

B) You won one of these: the Weekly Picks or College Bowl Pool or Toilet Bowl, and are keeping one Franchise Player
You get a bonus pick at the end of round one.  Your regular pick is skipped in round 1 due to the Franchise Player.  You are also skipped in round 2, because you cannot pick a 3rd player when other teams only have one.  Take your regular pick from round 3 until the end of the draft.

C) You won one of these: the Weekly Picks or College Bowl Pool or Toilet Bowl, and are not keeping a Franchise Player
In addition to your regular pick, you get a bonus pick at the bottom of round one.  Since you have two players at the end of round one, your round 2 pick is skipped. Take your regular pick from round 3 until the end of the draft.

D) You didn't win anything but you are keeping one Franchise Player
You get skipped in the first round, then resume as normal in round 2.

E) You are keeping two Franchise Players
Your turn is skipped until round 3, where you resume as normal.

F) You are keeping three Franchise Players
Your turn is skipped until round 4, where you resume as normal.

G) You win two out of three between the Weekly Picks, College Bowl Pool and Toilet Bowl, and are keeping one Franchise Player
You get two bonus picks at the bottom of round one.  Your round 1 regular pick is skipped due to the franchise player.  Since you have 3 players by the end of round one, your turn is skipped in round 2 & 3 as well.  Finally in round 4 you start drafting as normal.

H) You won the Weekly Picks and College Bowl Pool and Toilet Bowl and are keeping three Franchise Players
You have hit the trifecta and the rest of the league hates you.  Your regular 1st round pick is skipped due to franchise players, but your three bonus picks at the end of round 1 are sacerd and cannot be taken away.  You have 6 players on your team at the end of round 1, so you don't get to go again until round 7.

I) You didn't win anything and are not keeping a Franchise Player
Easiest scenario of all: one pick each round.



Everything you would like to have the fantasy league do, let me know.


Al Bundy Award

This icon goes on your team's page if you win the Al Bundy Award

If any player on your team scores FOUR TOUCHDOWNS IN ONE GAME, your team wins the Al Bundy Award.  This guarantees a trip to the playoffs, regardless of what your final record is.  The Bundy winners also have the right to rename any one team anything they want.  The renamed teams must stick with their new name all season, unless it gets changed again via another Bundy Award.

A player can only get Bundy credit by catching a TD pass or scoring a rushing touchdown, just like Al did for Polk High.  Special teams TDs and passing TDs do not count towards Bundy credit.

Up to half of the playoff teams each season are allowed to Bundy their way in.  After half the playoff field has been set via the Bundy, the Award loses its automatic playoff berth power but still retains its team re-naming powers.

If a player scores five TDs in a game, he has won a SUPER BUNDY.  He can rename two teams and change their coaches as well.  Six TDs in one game means the league is OWNED, with the owner's powers including the opportunity to rename three teams and change every coach in the league.

Note: Thanks to the power of the Bundy, it is possible for a team to make the Toilet Bowl playoffs and Super Bowl playoffs at the same time.  This finally happened in 2006, with the Village Idiots getting humiliated in SB R1 and going on to lose the Toilet Bowl.


This icon goes on your team's page if you win the General Patten Award

This award was named in honor of David Patten, a scrub WR on the Patriots who got a TD rushing, receiving, and passing on October 21, 2001.  Patten's feat had not been accomplished since Walter Payton did it in 1979, a period of 22 years.  While this feat did not qualify as a Bundy, league members agreed there should be some sort of award for special accomplishments.

 If any player breaks a major single-game record from the table below, or matches Patten and has a rushing/receiving/passing TD in the same game, he wins the General Patten Award.  This award has the same benefits as a Bundy.   The General Patten does not apply to Defenses.

General Patten qualifying records:

What a great JCFFL coach the real General Patton would have made!  His most famous moment happened when he slapped a soldier who was suffering from battle fatigue.

Slim Pickens Award

Slim Pickens- actor who portrayed the A-Bomb pilot in Dr. Strangelove and Taggart from Blazing Saddles.

This icon goes in your team's trophy case if you win the Slim Pickens Award


The person who has the most Weekly Pick points at the end of the season wins the Slim Pickens Award.  This gets you a bonus draft pick next season at the end of round 1. 

 Pete Rose Award

This award goes to the team owner who wins the College Bowl Pool.  It is named in honor of a famous gambler.This gets you a bonus draft pick next season at the end of round 1.


This award goes to the team that wins the Toilet Bowl.  It is named in honor of the coach who has won the Toilet Bowl three times.This gets you a bonus draft pick next season at the end of round 1.


This award goes to the team that loses the Super Bowl.  It is named after the coach who led the Buffalo Bills to four straight SB losses.


This award goes to the winner of the Couch Potato Olympics.

Armor Award

This award goes to the defense that gives up the least points.

Scorch Award

This award goes to the defense that gives up the most points. The defense must be part of a JCFFL team for a majority of the year to qualify for this award.

Legs Award

This award goes to the kicker who scores the most points.

Legless Award

This award goes to the kicker who scores the least points. The kicker must be part of a JCFFL team for a majority of the year to qualify for this award.

Hot Dog Award

This award goes to the team with the most consecutive wins.

Cold Turkey Award

This award goes to the team with the most consecutive losses.

Jump Back Award

This award goes to the team with the greatest season finish.

Choker Award

This award goes to a team that blew it down the stretch.

Psycho Award

This award goes to the team with the most Bonus Points at the end of the year.

New Recruit Award

This award goes to the best free agent pickup of the year.
You cannot win this award by picking up a player who became a free agent because his team was kicked out of the league. 

Most Valuable Player Award

This award goes to the greatest player in the league.

Least Valuable Player Award

This award goes to the most worthless player in the league.

Genius Award

This award goes to the greatest coach in the league.  You cannot vote for your own team's coach.

Bird Brain Award

This award goes to the worst coach in the league.

Air Attack Award

This award goes to the most valuable quarterback in the league.

Johnny Football Award

Johnny Football

Johnny Football
This icon goes in your team's trophy case if you win the Johnny Football Award

This award goes to the least valuable quarterback in the league.

Fetch Award

This award goes to the most valuable receiver in the league.

Turtle Award

This award goes to the least valuable receiver in the league.

Work Horse Award

This award goes to the most valuable running back in the league.

Road Kill Award

This award goes to the least valuable running back in the league.

Pro Life Award

This award goes to the participant with the lowest score in the Deadpool.

Grim Reaper Award

This award goes to the winner of the Deadpool.