Shelf Preferences

  A player on the shelf is someone who is injured, suspended, or on bye.  They remain your property, just not active that week.   In JCFFL you can designate a replacement using this form.  If you don't use this form Commish will pick a worthy replacement for you.  The Shelf Preferences must be submitted before Friday.
If an injured player is listed as DOUBTFUL or OUT on Friday night's NFL Injury Report, he will be automatically put on the shelf. 
If a player is listed as QUESTIONABLE, he will be in your lineup by default.  You can force a QUESTIONABLE player out of your lineup by using this form.  A DOUBTFUL player is out no matter what.
If more than one team claims the same player, he will go to the worst team.

When a shelf form is put in for a guy who plays, that form will be ignored. Now we don't have to care what the NFL injury report says ever again. Free at last!!

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By their nature, shelf replacement players are transient scrubs, on your roster one week and gone the next. They are available for anyone to pick up using the Free Agent page.


Player / defense / kicker 1 being shelved:
Shelf replacement 1 (with alternate choices in parentheses)

Player / defense / kicker 2 being shelved:
Shelf replacement 2 (with alternate choices in parentheses)

Player / defense / kicker 3 being shelved:
Shelf replacement 3 (with alternate choices in parentheses)

Player / defense / kicker 4 being shelved:
Shelf replacement 4 (with alternate choices in parentheses)

Player / defense / kicker 5 being shelved:
Shelf replacement 5 (with alternate choices in parentheses)

A special category for multi-week injuries only.  A DL shelf replacement is protected from other teams as long as the original injured player remains DOUBTFUL or OUT.  DL players will be reactivated the first time they are listed as QUESTIONABLE or better. 

Player to place on DL:
DL replacement  (with alternate choices in parentheses)


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Check box to cancel out previous shelf preference lists. Otherwise all lists submitted this week will be used.