Weekly Picks - updated 12-5-16

Fill out the form to pick the winners of ten college and pro games each week.  Each correct pick is worth one point. Designate the pick you are most certain of as "Lock and Load". Getting your LL right counts as three points.  These points are added directly to your game score each week.
The fantasy league player with the most correct picks each week gets 5 extra bonus points. 10 of 10 correct picks is worth a BUNDY!
The ultimate goal of all prognosticators is to have the most weekly pick points at the end of the season.   This wins you the Slim Pickens Award and grants a bonus 1st round draft pick next season.
There is no e-mail notification when a new pick form is up, so just check the web site.   A new Weekly Picks form should be posted by Tuesday night each week.


Last Week

Richmond Spiders @ North Dakota Fighting Hawks Richmond Spiders 27, North Dakota Fighting Hawks 24
Youngstown State Penguins @ Jacksonville State Gamecocks Youngstown State Penguins 40, Jacksonville State Gamecocks 24
Wofford Terriers @ Citadel Bulldogs Wofford Terriers 17, Citadel Bulldogs 3

Temple Owls


Navy Midshipmen Temple Owls 34, Navy Midshipmen 10

Wisconsin Badgers


Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State Nittany Lions 38, Wisconsin Badgers 31

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


San Diego Chargers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 28, San Diego Chargers 21

Miami Dolphins @

Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 38, Miami Dolphins 6

Washington Redskins @

Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 31, Washington Redskins 23

San Francisco 49ers @

Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 26, San Francisco 49ers 6
Philadelphia Eagles @ Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 32, Philadelphia Eagles 14
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