JCFFL DPool 2008

List of all fogeys in the pool

Couch Potato Olympics


Latest News

 The Skeleton Crew got to poach five fogeys from Overdue People  

thanks to Bounty Hunter Steve Ballmer making the front page of USA Today on 4/25/08.


Pts Last Poach-

Cadaver Stiffs
5 31
Georgia Tech baseball player
J.W. Maggot Hotel 7 25
Eddy Arnold

Skeleton Crew
6 22
Charlton Heston

Dead Ringers
4 21
Albert Hofmann
Six Feet Under 5 21
Barry Morse

Overdue People
3 15
Northwest Airlines

Worm Feeders
2 13
Bobby Fischer
Heaven Can't Wait 4 8.5
ATA Airlines

The Peace Corpse
4 8
Robert Mondavi

Swim with the Fishes
3 5


Team pages have pictures of the deceased.

Robert Mondavi ~ Eddy Arnold ~ Albert Hofmann ~ John Wheeler ~ Northwest Airlines ~ 
Charlton Heston ~ ATA Airlines ~ Jules Dassin ~ Richard Widmark ~ Pamela Anderson & Rick Saloman ~ Arthur C. Clarke ~ Ivan Dixon ~ Howard Metzenbaum ~ Gary Gygax ~ William F. Buckley ~ Phyllis A. Whitney ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~ Barry Morse ~ Earl Butz ~ Gordon Hinckley ~ Suharto ~ James LeVoy Sorenson ~ Heath Ledger ~ Suzanne Pleshette ~ Bobby Fischer ~ US House Colorado ~ Carl Karcher ~ Sir Edmund Hillary

Raising and Lowering the Bar

Times the bar has been raised/lowered: 5

Season Oldest
Carl Karcher        ... Worm Feeders
Gordon Hinckley     ... J.W. Maggot Hotel
Earl Butz           ...
Cadaver Stiffs
104 Phyllis A. Whitney ... The Peace Corpse

Season Youngest
88 Sir Edmund Hillary... Overdue People
Bobby Fischer     ... Worm Feeders
Georgia Tech baseball player ... Cadaver Stiffs

Franchise Fogeys

Each team can choose 3 FFs from amongst its own roster.  FFs score double points + 5 bonus points.
 If FF passes before Sept 1st, team is granted an automatic entry into the Chase for the Coffin.  Up to 1/2 of all playoff teams can FF their way in.

Skeleton Crew
1. Chuck Berry (FFF 2005)
- Born October 18, 1926. John Lennon said of him: 'If you were going to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry.'
2. Meinhardt Raabe
- Played the Munchkin coroner in "The Wizard of Oz" 
3. Sammy Baugh
- Football legend "Slingin' Sammy" Baugh played for TCU and was with the Washington Redskins from 1937-1952.
Swim with the Fishes
1. Helen Gurley Brown
- In 1962 Brown authored the bestselling book Sex and the Single Girl. She became editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan in 1966 and reversed the fortunes of the failing magazine.
2. John Wooden (FFF 2007)
- Coached UCLA (1948-1975). Won 10 NCAA Championships as coach. He wants to abolish the slam dunk.
3. Walter Haefner (FFF 2006,2007)
- 93 year old Swiss billionaire, controls 21 percent of Computer Associates.
Heaven Can't Wait
1. Frank Layden
- Joined the Utah Jazz when they were still down in New Orleans and coached the team until 1988.
2. Jack LaLanne
- The Godfather of Physical Fitness. Said, "I can't die. It would ruin my image."
3. Mort Sahl
- Political humorist born in 1927
J.W. Maggot Hotel
1. Brian Wilson
- Founding member of The Beach Boys. Has suffered from long-term mental illness and drug problems.
2. Muammar Qaddafi (FFF 2007)
- His last name belongs in the bad spellers hall of fame. Primary reason very few children are named "Muammar" in the U.S. these days. Suffers from leukemia. In Feb 2002 doctors gave him about two years to live.
3. Marv Levy
- Buffalo coach who became an expert at losing Super Bowls.
The Peace Corpse
1. Al Jourgensen
- Workaholic heroin addict considered to be the godfather of industrial rock.
2. Al Kaline 
- Detroit Tigers hitter and broadcaster. Born 1934.
3. Wink Martindale
- Game show host born December 4, 1934
Six Feet Under
1. Edwin Newman
- NBC newscaster born in 1919 
2. Johannes Heesters (FFF 2006)
- Born 1903. A Dutch actor, singer, and entertainer who can look back on an 83-year career, almost exclusively in the German-speaking world. As of 2005, Heesters holds the record of being the oldest performer worldwide who is still active, both on the stage and on television.
3. Phyllis Diller
- She's got a bad ticker and bad hair. 
Dead Ringers
1. Albert Hofman (FFF 2005, 2007)
- Chemist who, in 1938, became the first to synthesize LSD, although he was unaware of its hallucinogenic properties until 1943. Fifteen years later, he did the future hippy generation another favor when he produced psilocybin, the active ingredient of magic mushrooms.

2. Florida State Seminoles (FFF 2006)
3. Zsa Zsa Gabor (FFF 2004)
- Nine-times married, cop-slapping actress. Was in a coma for a while after a collision between her car and a lamp-post on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard in November 2002.
Cadaver Stiffs
1. Abe Vigoda (FFF 2003, 2004, 2006)
- Vigoda often looked dead on the 1970s sitcom Barney Miller, where he played the gloomy and rumpled Detective Sgt. Phil Fish. In 1992 People magazine reported that Vigoda was dead, and by 2001 Vigoda's presumed demise had become such a pop culture joke that even the New York Times mentioned it in a story on his 80th birthday.
2. Earl Butz
- He left the United States Department of Agriculture in 1976 after intense criticism for an insensitive joke he told reporters.  As of 2004, Butz is the oldest living former Cabinet member, regardless of department or administration served.

3. Tony Martin
- Crooner popular in the 1940s and 1950s
Worm Feeders
1. Dolores Hope (FFF 2006, 2007)
- DPool favorite Bob Hope is gone. Soon his widow will follow suit.
2. Fidel Castro (FFF 2007)
- Plenty of people are waiting for him to go so we can all legally enjoy a fine Cuban cigar.
3. Paul Harvey
- Radio broadcaster who reads scripted stories about ordinary Americans and their struggle to deregulate industry and give large corporations the freedom to do good in the world. Born in 1918, so he's about ready for page two.

Bounty Hunters

Each team can choose three Bounty Hunters from amongst its own roster.
If the Bounty Hunter appears on the front page of USA Today, the BH can take five fogeys off of poachable teams onto their own roster.  

Not eligible to be a Bounty Hunter: 
Politicians, sports teams, companies

Skeleton Crew
Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, Steve Ballmer
Swim with the Fishes
Paris Hilton
Heaven Can't Wait
Morley Safer, Pete Rose, Slim Whitman
J.W. Maggot Hotel
Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, Mary-Kate Olsen
The Peace Corpse
Yves St. Laurent, Warren Buffett, Pamela Anderson
Six Feet Under
Amy Winehouse, Oprah Winfrey, Oral Roberts
Dead Ringers
Simon Cowell, Jerry Seinfeld, Nicole Kidman
Cadaver Stiffs
Bill Parcells, George Steinbrenner, Madonna
Worm Feeders
Jeff Gordon, Monica Lewinsky, Wesley Snipes


Each team can choose three Zombies.  Similar to Bounty Hunters, except zombies are already dead.  If a Zombie appears on the front page of USA Today, the BH can take five fogeys off of poachable teams onto their own roster. 

Skeleton Crew
Ronald Reagan, Jesus, Dale Earnhardt
Swim with the Fishes
Ronald Reagan, Nostrodamus, Babe Ruth
Heaven Can't Wait
John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon
J.W. Maggot Hotel
The Peace Corpse
Six Feet Under
Elvis, Saddam Hussein, Martin Luther King Jr.
Dead Ringers
Lyndon B. Johnson, John Milton, Jimmy Stewart
Cadaver Stiffs
George Washington, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana
Worm Feeders
Elvis, Richard Nixon, Saddam Hussein
Overdue People
Albert Einstein, Anna Nicole Smith, John Lennon

Deathwish Fogeys

Pick three fogeys from your roster that you wish were already dead.   10 BPs awarded if this fogey dies under age 75; 5 pts if over 75.

Skeleton Crew
Bernard Law, Chuck Norris, Oliver North
Swim with the Fishes
Hugo Chavez, Lindsay Lohan, John Travolta
Heaven Can't Wait
Al Haig, Jesse Helms, Joseph Wapner
J.W. Maggot Hotel
Jimmy Carter, Howard Stern, Axl Rose
The Peace Corpse
Warren Christopher, Bob Packwood, Jan-Michael Vincent
Six Feet Under
Amy Winehouse, Robert Blake, Suge Knight
Dead Ringers
Bono, Celine Dion, Dave Navarro
Cadaver Stiffs
Don King, Hillary Clinton, Tony Robbins
Worm Feeders
Aretha Franklin, Bobby Heenan, Weird Al Yankovic

Manchurian Candidates

Pick three fogeys from your roster for Manchurian Candidates.  They score regular +5 pts, and also earn points from the next fogey to die.

Team Manchurian Candidate 1 Manchurian Candidate 2 Manchurian Candidate 3
Skeleton Crew Harry Morgan Joe Garagiola Nancy Reagan
Swim with the Fishes Betty Ford Dick Clark Helmut Schmidt
Heaven Can't Wait Jack Klugman Martha Tilton Wilford Brimley
J.W. Maggot Hotel Birgit Rausing Larry Hagman Peter Bart
Dead Ringers Arnold Palmer Art Modell Casey Kasem
Worm Feeders Fats Domino Meip Gies Ronnie Biggs
Six Feet Under Merle Haggard Robert Byrd Tom Bosley
The Peace Corpse Betty White Dickie Moore Ernest Borgnine
Cadaver Stiffs Carol Channing Herman Wouk Malcolm Toon
Overdue People Ahmed Ben Bella Barbara Bush  


Everybody participates in Marbles once the Chase starts. Select a list of up to 20 fogeys that score regular pts +2 bonus pts. Points scored by the Marbles score an equal amount of negative pts against a team in the chase.


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